Relief from the storm

Best Friends Animal Society of Atlanta has delivered dogs to Shelby Humane in an effort to make room for displaced pets from Hurricane Dorian.

“The Association of Animal Welfare Advancement reached out to see if we had room to take in dogs from shelters expected to be impacted by displaced pets of Hurricane Dorian.” says David Arias, Executive Director for Shelby Humane. “We evaluated our kennel space and were able to commit to a number of adult dogs.” 

Eleven dogs total were brought to Shelby Humane on September 5th. This freed up space at the Atlanta facility to take on displaced pets from the hurricane.

“We’re used to being the organization that transports our pets to other organizations.” says Cassidy Poe, External Relations Manager for Shelby Humane. “Being able to assist another organization in the transfer of their pets was a rare yet rewarding experience for our staff and volunteers.” 

More than 70 animal welfare, care and control agencies from around the US and Canada stepped up to intake large-scale animal transports while an additional 17 offered to deploy professionally trained emergency response teams. Fortunately, Dorian veered east and the damage was far less than anticipated for the US.

Of the 11 dogs transferred to Shelby Humane, two were heartworm positive and have begun the treatment process.

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