Rescue Spotlight: Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue

In each issue, we highlight one of the many rescue groups in Birmingham and Alabama. In our Winter 2020 issue, we featured Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue.

When and how did Kitty Kat Haven start? Kitty Kat Haven started a little over three years ago, in mid-2016. It was formed as a result of people from a number of other rescues deciding to form their own group.

Who are some of the key members of your rescue organization?

Rita Bowman, Charlie Starr, Brenda Taylor, and Kim Tyler are all heavily involved, and there are many others.

Photo courtesy of Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue.

How can someone volunteer with Kitty Kat Haven? One the biggest needs is foster homes for cats waiting to be adopted. Visit our website,, and click on “foster” to read all the details about what is involved and to fill out a foster application form. We also have volunteer opportunities on an ongoing basis; click on “volunteer” on our website for details on what opportunities we have.

Do you have a fundraiser or event you’d like to promote? There isn’t a big fundraiser at the moment, but we have a number of them throughout the year. Follow our Facebook page to stay in the know.

How can people learn more about Kitty Kat Haven? Visit our website; find us on Facebook or Instagram; or call us at (205) 302-8883.


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