Pups at Play

Create a music playlist your pet is sure to love

by Lauren H. Dowdle

Think your cat digs listening to jazz? Or that your dog gets extra excited when you crank up the radio? If that sounds like your furry friend, then you aren’t alone — and you might be right. Music and pets seem to go together according to a recent survey.

The digital music service company Spotify surveyed pet owners and found that 71 percent played music for their pets. And that’s not all they found. The survey also discovered 80 percent of pet owners believe their pets like music, believing music helps relieve stress, boost their pet’s happiness, and keep them company.

Here are a few more tail-wagging stats: 

  • 55 think their pet likes the same type of music as them
  • 57 percent of owners dance with their pets 
  • 69 percent of owners sing to their pets
  • Pets seem to prefer classical and soft rock

Maybe it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then than nearly one in five pet owners named their pets after a music artist or group, with the Top 5 artist influenced pet names being Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie, and Ozzy.

Spotify, one of the most popular streaming music services, offers curated playlists for your pet.

Ready to let your pet jam out? Spotify offers a playlist just for animals, with something for dogs, cats, iguanas, hamsters, and birds. You choose the type of pet you’re creating the list for, how relaxed/energetic they are, if they are shy/friendly, and how apathetic/curious they are. You can even add a photo of your pet to the playlist to truly make it theirs.

The playlist also takes into account their furry personalities, as well as your musical preferences. You will need to have a Spotify account to create a pet playlist, but you can create an account for free if you haven’t already (as with most streaming music services, Spotify offers a paid version with lots of perks). Visit pets.byspotify.com for more information.


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