Cover photo contest – Fall 2019 issue of Bham Pets

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Want to see your fur baby gracing the cover of the fall 2019 issue of Bham Pets? Enter them today and let our readers vote on the winner! There are a few rules to follow, so read up and let's make it easy on everyone.

Submitting your photo is easy. But pay attention to these tips and rules.

  • Make sure your photo is high resolution. In non-graphic designer speak, that means that it needs to be crisp and clear, and the size needs to be big [at least 1 MB]. Photos that look good on your phone or computer don't always look great when printed.
  • Keep your pet's head away from the top edge of the photo. Take a look at the cover of our magazine to understand why. The masthead ["Bham Pets" across the top of the cover] will always go right there, so there needs to be room in the photo above your pet's head for that to go. We don't want to cover up his or her eyes with the name of the magazine.
  • Include your name [we won't share it publicly] and your city location [we will share this, though]. If you live in a suburb, put that suburb's name. We want to give "Rover of Pelham," "Sassy of Irondale," and "Champ of Birmingham" credit for their hometown!
  • You may enter photos for as many different pets as you'd like, but please submit each one separately. For each pet, please submit only one photo.
  • The winning photo is the one that will be published; we will not accept a new photo of the winning animal after he or she has won the contest.
  • Any questions? Email us at